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Up until now I haven't had much time for the Spanish Baron's brand of heavy rock, figuring their sudden rise of fame here in Britain a quirk of a Ho-JO brainstorm that stemmed from listening to all that American wimphem!! (only kidding Howard). But just one spin of this, their third LP, has for me proved "I-can-pick-'em" Johnson's case. "Metalmorphosis" really is an excellent album.

It's far from the blatant riff orgy that I feared and instead contains nine numbers (and a freebie single with two more) that display power, melody and variety. Just one thing though, it's all sung in Spanish. That may bother some of you but it made no difference to my enjoyment of the music and I reckon it's far superior - and more interesting - to any dodgy English accents.

Whether by choice of because their previous British label, Kamaflage, has collapsed, this is a Spanish only album available on import. Buy it and dig out your old phrase-book from the bottom of your suitcase if you really want to know what they're singing about, but it really doesn't matter. Baron Rojo let their music do the talking and this record shouts plenty loud enough to get the message across!

The de Castro brothers, Armando and Carlos, on guitars work well together producing good riffs and some smart solos - often reminiscent of Schenker. Listen to them on the furious opener and chosen single "Casi me mato" or the following "Rockero Indomable" (which sound for all the world like a "Deep Purple In Rock" out-take.)

They do let themselves down a bit with the last track on side one ("Siempre Estás Allí") which is a little too much in the mould of the Scorpions' "When the Smoke is going Down", but it's a rare slip. Generally their unique vocals work for the Barons, giving them a style and an identity of their own.

Flip it over and you'll hear "Hiroshima"; a tried and tested theme of late but done here very well with strong harmonies, a swaggering riff, a suitable oriental feel and cataclysmic ending. Then comes "El Malo·...

I could go on, but perhaps you're giggling at the titles. DON'T! This is far more than just another continental import. I think you'll be as surprised and impressed as I was.

Text: Neil Jeffries.
Kerrang! (UK) number 45, 1 July 1983.
In Spanish.

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